Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Curriculum...Trains....Forgotten Purses...Cheesecake!

I write this as I am sitting here stuffing my face with a slice of cheesecake from Wildflower (my favorite “Screw it I’m not cooking dinner” place). I am able to enjoy this cheesecake for one and only one simple reason… my purse.
Let me explain! My school district decided to adopt a new reading curriculum that teachers are lucky enough to begin using next school year. I am really excited about the new curriculum because as a reading coach I feel like it is a present that I can’t unwrap fast enough. Also, the curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards which is sometimes half the battle for teachers as they pull resources from Teachers Pay Teachers or Pinterest (side note… I love both of these websites and use them). So, today the reading coaches in my district spent about 6 hours creating very necessary pacing guides for our amazing teachers that identify the progression of standards that need to be taught throughout the year. While the process was necessary, it was also draining to sit in front of a computer for 6 hours working on pacing guides. Also, looking at my fitbit I am only at 7,632 steps which means that I have not even come close to my daily step goal. This also means that throughout the day I did not do much moving around (expect for the fire drill that occurred half way through our training).
Therefore, when we were told we could go home I shoved my computer in my bag and ran for the door before anyone changed their mind. I got into my car and started blasting music (to keep me awake) as I began to head to my kids school to pick them up. When I was half way home I received a call from our district reading coach saying that I had left my purse on the ground in the room we were working out of. Between cursing at myself and maneuvering the phone in my hand I turned my car around.
Well located about 5 minutes away from my district office is a train track where I kid you not the longest trains in America always seems to be passing so; naturally I got stopped by the train. After sitting and waiting for a good 10-15 minutes as the train moves forward, then backwards, then forward, I am finally on my way again. I pick up my purse and head back towards my kid’s school to pick them up. Once I get to their extended day classroom I have already reached my limit for the day (FYI my kids are regulars at extended day….I refuse to feel guilty…another topic for another day…I believe that I am known as the mom that sometimes comes late and gets fined). My kids rush me with a hug and we head for the car. Before I can even ask about their day they are already bickering at each other like an old married couple… I often wonder if this is common with twins?!? One begins to cry as I give each of them a scolding and a stare from the rearview mirror.
At this point I am completely done with the day and refuse to use any more energy… so I head to my go to spot for dinner. I use the last bit of energy spending time with my family rather than in the kitchen preparing dinner. I reached my limit today because after a long day of work I left my purse, which by the way only has some makeup and a few mom snacks but no money except maybe pennies, on the floor! All of this led to me stuffing my face with cheesecake and I can proudly say I have no regrets.